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Solar control

Under the name "Energy Glasses", this type of solar control glass has the ability to prevent the rise of temperature in the building during warm weather conditions, reducing the cooling cost. Their properties practically allow the extensive use of such glass in large surfaces of buildings without turning them into greenhouses.
They have been reinforced with one or more extremely thin layers of metal oxides. Their key function is to reduce the Total Energy Transmition (Solar Factor or Solar Heat Gain). What they ensure additionaly is optimum quality of natural light without need to use artificial light during daytime.

All three types of Solar Control Glasses are available:

  • Coloured float glasses (Grey, Bronze)
  • Hard Pyrolitic coated glasses (Stopsol, Supersilver, Silverlight, Sunergy, Reflectasol)
  • Soft Magnetron coated Glasses (Cool-lite)


This type of reflective glass is being produced on-line, as the glass exits the furnace at high temperature. The coating is applied to the glass using a pyrolysis process: metal oxides at high temperatures "attack" the surface of clear or coloured glass on one side. This procedure forms an extremely tough and hard coating that stays intact during time and weather conditions. As a result no special treatment is required during storage, handling or processing.

Available products:

S TOPSOL SilverLight PrivaBlue - AGC Europe Flat Glass

One of the latest AGC products of this type, produced in Belgium, comes as the perfect solution where a combination of modern looks and high levels of solar control is demanded.  Stopsol PRIVABLUE comes in an innovative blue color mass onto which a hard pyrolytic coating has been applied, combining solar control properties, high aesthetics design and very low reflection values, all in one product. This is a very innovative glass because according to producer's specifications coating can be placed facing either the inside or outside of the building, producing different results in terms of light reflection and color.

With this particular value Stopsol PRIVABLUE serves in the best way both technical specifications along with the needs of modern architectural design. With a remarkable resistance to erosion, strong cleaning products, air pollution or time, this glass stays και intact to chemical or atmospheric attacks and for this reason AGC allows its application either on the inner or the outer surface of the building even as in single glazing.
Finally, it can be processed exactly as a common type float glass (gringing, laminating, thermal processing or double -glazing).


Light/Thermal Performance Stopsol Privablue 6 mm Stopsol Privablue 6 mm-12-6 mm Clear Stopsol Privablue 6 mm-12-4 mm k glass
U value (or K value = W/m2K) 5,7 2,8 1,7
Energy absorbsion 78 % 80 % 82 %
Light Transmission 26 % 23 % 22 %
Light Reflection 8 % 9 % 9 %
Solar Factor 35 % 23 % 18 %



Hard pyrolitic glass product that offers privacy and visual comfort, along with multiple combinations of solar control and light transmission levels offering architects limitless creativity. Stopsol SUPERSILVER light reflection comes from its coating layer, the lifespan of which is the same as of the float glass.

Its low heat transmisssion levels help to maintain temperature inside the building much lower compared to the use of an ordinary float glass. Consequently air-conditioning costs are reduced significantly. Additionaly sunguard protection is offered since the bigger part of solar energy is being reflected back to the environmet. All processing can be applied in this product just as on ordinary glass: thermal processing, laminating, grinding.

SUNERGY - AGC Europe Flat Glass

One of the most recently launched AGC products. High performance glass combining in one product low-reflection solar control glass with thermal insulation properties, specially adressed to warm climate zones providing strong thermal insulation throughout the year.

Energy saving is achieved in two ways:

During summer time SUNERGY absorbs almost half of solar energy, preventing it to enter inside the building, and reflects it back to the environment. During winter time it prevents heat loss from the interior to the environment by absobing it and reflecting it back to the building.


  • Saving heating and cooling costs: Reduces up to a 30% the level of thermal losses from glass
  • Ideal for warm climated: Excellent protection from heat penetration
  • Excellent control of visual light, combining LOW-E properties (thermal-insulative) in one product.
  • Superb appearence
  • Hard coated glass with limitless life-span and high resistance to weather conditions, scratching, air pollution etc.
  • high levels of light tranmsission
  • Low reflective
  • Especially neutral (does not change colors)
  • Αesthetically advanced
Light / Thermal Performance Sunergy 6 mm -12- 6mm 6 mm -12- 6 mm Λευκά
U value (or K value W/m2K) 1,8 2,8
Heat Gain 52 % 72 %
Shading Coeficient 53 % 83 %
Light Transmission 61 % 79 %
Light Reflection 12 % 14 %
UV Transmission (Ultra Violet) 27 % 38 %
Solar Factor 41 % 72 %



Solar control reflective glass of 5 mm thickness, produced by depositing a transparent metallic coating onto to clear or body-tinted glass during production on the float line. Its highly reflective look is combined with solar control properties and reduced light reflection. It is designed to meet high aesthetic needs together with solid architectural properties in a unique appearence.

It is recommended for use in buildings where there is a clear demand for reduced solar gain inside the building.


  • Reduces solar energy transmission
  • High level of visual comfort with satrisfactory natural light transmittance during daytime
  • Strength and stability of performance over time


Solar control reflective glass with magnetron (soft) coating of 6 mm thickness. With the property to block the 2/3 of the solar energy, by reflecting it back to the outside, this is the ideal solution for large scale glazing, as in glass facades, where there is a clear requirement for avoiding overheating. This type of glass is characterized by its metal soft coating that gives this unique attractive appearence, by gently filtering sunlight.


  • Reduces energy cost for cooling the building and offers privacy and very high visual confort
  • Offer the architects high creativity since one glass product can serve many functions and applications
  • Endless life span
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