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60 years of experience...

Our Values

Our aim

Introducing and delivering the most up-to-date and technologically sophisticated glass products from the international market, along with high-end services with solid technical support and reliability.


  • Το conducting business with integrity, to business practics based on ethics.
  • Safety as our first priority, and the establishment of an accident-free working environment in all our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Care and respect to people is the basic component of our business activity and is being enunciated in the way we treat our people and their families, and to all the people who are business related to our company. Care for the well being of our empolees has been our governing objective throughout time.

Environmental Responsibility

We actively support environmental protection in the following three ways:

  • Introducing into the market high-end products that help energy saving
  • Recycling of almost the entire glass quantities that come from cutting waste
  • Recycling of paper used by the company (since 1998).

Please note that glass is perhaps the most environmentally friendly building product, while from its processing there is no waste.

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